Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This gives me hope

I did an assembly in a primary school about friendship so I used some material by Lucy Moore from here:

I invited two children who have been friends all their lives up to help me, and talked about the things they do together.  I asked them if they shared things, and when they said yes gave them a packet of sweets to share, which they carefully did.   I then produced the toilet brush,* explained about the boys toilets needing cleaning and asked the first boy if he would share that with his friend.  He staunchly said “No, I wouldn't!” to which his friend said “But I would go and help him anyway.”


These two little boys were aged about eight or nine, and one appeared to be white and the other Asian and the depth of their commitment to each other was truly moving.  There may be places in Britain where people fight because of age or race or some other divider but this episode showed me that the future might just be in safe hands. 

*It was a new unused one in case you were feeling a bit funny

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