Monday, June 28, 2010

A strange new world...

...and now I'm fiddling about amending my profile and stuff I've discovered the magic that is the random question...which works in a really weird way:

It asks you a question, you answer it, but then you check the box to get a new question, then you save your updates. That results in my question being "what is the best tape to use for sculpture?" to which I appear to have answered "by saying it in a french accent" when in fact I was answer another question entirely????

This could get very surreal...if it hasn't already.


Part of my job is to to an all-age slot in the first part of the service on Sunday mornings.

A couple of weeks ago an older member of the congregation told me that my talk was the Mickey Mouse part of the service.

Thanks a lot, I thought to myself.

However, he then elaborated: When he was a small boy he went to the cinema every Saturday morning and the programme included a serial, a western, the main feature and a Mickey Mouse cartoon. He liked Mickey Mouse so he looked forward to that bit the most because it was funny.

I think that's a compliment....

Getting going again

As you can see I've had this blog lying dormant for quite sometime and never done anything with it. However recently I've been reading some good blogs and thought that I might have a go myself. It seemed to me that the mark of a good blog wasn't that it was brilliantly written, or that the content was earth shattering, but that it was interesting to me, so I decided that I would ramble on a bit and if anyone is interested that's good, but if they aren't I'll still have had a forum for rambling. And I do like a bit of a ramble...