Friday, January 27, 2012

Becoming Becca Dean

 I know I’m supposed to be becoming more Christ-like but somehow when it comes to coffee shops and blogging, Mizz Dean* inspires me, so here’s a coffee shop review:

A cosy corner for chatting
I had my third lunch in seven days in the rather nice Copper on Central Avenue in West Bridgford.  This pleasant spot does function as a kind of annex to most of the churches of the area, as I rarely go in without seeing someone or other I know.  This makes it all feel rather cosy.  That and the fact that it is rather cosy, does very nice lunches, and the cakes are utterly amazing.  They are the best bit really – tantalisingly displayed in glass domes on the counter, they usually included some glittery or shiny embellishments, and taste utterly amazing!  Staff are cheerily pleasant and helpful and service is swift without being rushed. 

Look at that utter deliciousness!
Coffee is good and teas, cream teas, cakes and other delicacies are all to be recommended.  If you’re there at breakfast time I can recommend the muffins with rarebit topping, and the lunchtime sandwiches are always tasty and a bit unusual.

As you can see from the frequency of my visits it is my fave coffee spot

*Becca’s blog can be found here:

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  1. Thank you Sarah for your kind words.