Saturday, January 14, 2012

I don't really like doing this....

...because I hesitate to give attention to someone I disagree so profoundly with but I'm glad it's provoking some debate on some issues close to my heart.

Krish Kandiah has made a response to the Driscoll furore here:

But this comment from Jenny Baker to Krish really makes me shout Yay!

I wonder if the reason this has touched a nerve for you, Krish, is because it’s so close to home. After all you are a gifted bible teacher from the UK, who speaks in many different contexts. So in dismissing all British Bible teachers, Driscoll is dismissing your gifts, calling and to some extent your identity. I wonder then if this experience can help you understand better why women like me respond in a similar way to complementarians who say that we should not be leading and speaking and thus dismiss our gifts, calling and identity. I’m interested that you’re prepared to make a stand and call out someone like Driscoll for his comments about British bible teachers, and you’re not prepared to do the same for his and others’ comments on women in leadership.

Go Jenny

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