Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Spiritual Disciplines in a Digital Age No. 1

This short blog is the first in an occasional series that might only contain one entry!!!

Anyhoo...I twitter - I like twitter; I think it encourages people to be creative, it doesn't seem to take up too much time.  It's simple and very obvious that it's public, so you shouldn't do drama on it (although some do, a la Facebook!)

I like that my friends 'follow' me and I 'follow' them and a few other folks 'follow' me and I choose not to follow them.  By teenager standards I'm a bit of a 'billy no mates' because I only have 157 followers...or at least I did until about half an hour ago!  Now I've only got 156.  When I first started on twitter and had 10 'followers' it was easy to spot who had dropped out, but now it would mean I would have to obsess so much over my 'follower' list in order to know who it was.

My spiritual discipline is to decide not to.  I see the changing number and I have a tweak of fear that it's someone I really value that has left me, but it won't be, will it!  It will be one of a few spammish 'followers' and I shouldn't worry about them.

You might be saying "If you didn't do Twitter in the first place you wouldn't have the problem" but that's a bit like saying you shouldn't have friends because they'll hurt you.  The discipline comes in conquering the deep fear that I'm not loved, when I am loved by many people, and by God.

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