Sunday, October 07, 2012

Young People take another beating!

I’ve just seen the new advert encouraging participation in the elections for the new Police Commissioners.  See here for a news report including some of the ad:

It makes me so mad; it’s mostly images of young people being yobs!  Is this all that the new Commissioners will be responsible for?  Where are the images of white collar crime?  The credit card fraudsters?  The MPs claiming expenses? The bankers doing dodgy deals?  The newshounds bugging people’s phones?  In other words where are the images of adults committing crime?
Basically, the government want people to vote for another layer of elected officialdom, and because they can’t encourage us any other way they try to make us so scared of unruly yobs we’ll rush out to vote thinking we might make a difference.  To do that they turn yet again to the usual scapegoats – young people!  Young people do commit crime, but so do older people and actually David Cameron I’m more concerned about the level of criminality and corruption in government and financial services which goes unchallenged and unchanged than I am about anti-social behaviour by a minority of young people.  Show me an ad about a Police Commissioner that arrests those types of criminals and you might get me excited.

Perhaps if the budgets for youth work, family services, education and health weren’t being slashed all over the place, something could actually be done to remove the reasons why young people end up in some of the situations they do without trashing them as human beings.  Instead our taxes are being spent on elections for a totally unnecessary layer of government while ignoring the real problems that divide us.

I despair!  But not of young people…of the adults who govern us.

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  1. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Quite right. Those at the top are almost always up to no good (5% tax cut for millionaires and austerity for the jobless etc). 2400 years ago those at the top were robbing the poor while making themselves and their own comfortable - the priests who robbed God as described in Malachi wherein they abused the tithe which was destined for the poor and the disinherited. "You are cursed with a curse, for you are robbing Me, the whole nation of you! - said Malachi of the priests on behalf of the Most High. And cursed is the world today when madness in government leads to it eating everything up like dog eat dog.