Tuesday, February 07, 2012

An interesting new publication!

In light of all the hoo-ha about the masculine feel of Christianity etc.  What are we to make of the publication of this book?

The Resignation of Eve: What if Adam's Rib is no longer willing to be the Church's backbone?

I haven't read it, but the blurb says:

Why millions of today’s most committed church members may be ready to bolt—and what to do about it 
In talking with women around the country, Jim Henderson has come to believe that an epidemic of quiet, even sad resignation is developing among dedicated Christian women who feel overworked and undervalued in the church. As a result, many women are discouraged. Some, particularly young women, respond by leaving the organized church . . . or walking away from the faith altogether.
The Resignation of Eve is a field report on what women have to say about how they’ve been affected—both positively and negatively—by their experiences within the church. Listening to their stories is crucially important because, across the board, the research shows that women are driving changes in the church. What will happen if many of them resign?
It’s time to pay attention before it’s too late—time to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, who went out of his way to honor, elevate, and work through women wherever he went.
Containing personal interviews with women and surprising research from George Barna, The Resignation of Eve is a game-changing, conversation-starting book for women who have been engaged in the Christian church, as well as for their pastors and ministry leaders."

Has anyone read it yet?


  1. Anonymous5:03 pm

    I have not read it but I have certainly felt like leaving church.....after having been put on rotas I had never volunteered for!
    I think I do plenty for and in the church(Not enough evidently in some people's eyes!)
    All sorted now!

    1. Aaargh! The dreaded church rota! I'm a youth pastor so I need people to do things with me, but there's no point bunging people on rotas that they have no passion or vision for.

      Although to be fair, no-one has a passion for cleaning the toilets, it just has to be done!

      I feel your pain.

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