Thursday, September 16, 2010

This is just about the greatest invention EVAH!

This is a service that you use when you want to ring a call centre.  You ring the call centre on your mobile, and when they put you on hold you key "**" and the LucyPhone service disconnects you from the call centre but sits on hold for you.  As soon as the bank/travel company/service centre person comes back on the line they hear a holding message from LucyPhone asking them to hold while Lucyphone rings you back and connect you.  Now, I don't actually believe in it but if that isn't Karma I don't know what is! 

This has considerably cheered up a quite mundane Thursday.

p.s. I don't know if the service is available in the UK, but if it is it's free, and if it isn't I'm just happy to know that somewhere this is happening :-)

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